field notes

  • red bubbles

    red bubbles

    dec 2020

    We always challenge ourselves to create the unexpected. While you may have not seen red bubbles before (don't worry, you're not alone), this was a logical next step for pétproject.

  • harvest 2020

    harvest 2020

    nov 2020

    Fires. Drought. Climate change. Vineyards were not exempt from the environmental hardships of 2020. See how we took on the challenges of this year to produce an incredible line up of wines.

  • native fermentation

    native fermentation

    sep 2020

    Fermentation fanatics- get ready to level up. Natural wines using indigenous, naturally occurring yeasts is the new sourdough.

  • summer pairings

    summer pairings

    jun 2020

    We would never leave a glass of wine alone without it's best friend- food. Good thing petproject's winemaker, Jay Anderson is also an accomplished chef.

  • piquettes


    apr 2020

    Made from a byproduct of winemaking that typically goes in the compost pile, piquettes are a simple and delicious wine-like beverage that give grapes a second life.

  • organic farming

    organic farming

    mar 2020

    Decisions in the vineyard have an immeasurable impact on our final product. pétproject sources exclusively from vineyards committed to dry farming and organic practices.

  • unfiltered & unfined

    unfiltered & unfined

    nov 2019

    We asked winemaker Jay Anderson if we should be scared if our wine looks cloudy. His answer: Are you scared if your orange juice looks cloudy? To be honest I am scared if my orange juice looks clear.

  • harvest 2019

    harvest 2019

    oct 2019

  • our first pet-nat

    our first pet-nat

    jan 2018

    Experimentation is what we do best. We are so excited to announce our first pétillant-naturel, a sparkling Roussanne produced using the ancestral method.

  • colors of pinot gris

    colors of pinot gris

    jan 2021

    If you've been following us since the beginning, you may have noticed our Pinot Gris has yet to look the same as the year prior. Always bright and delicious, Pinot Gris is one of the most versatile grapes we work with.

  • jay's bookshelf

    jay's bookshelf

    mar 2021

  • stonemarker


    apr 2021

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