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approach to winemaking


"pét project is about creating wines that are painstakingly simple and as complex as possible using only one ingredient - organically farmed fruit"

- winemaker, Jay Anderson


organic fruit only.

Zero additives. Because we only use one ingredient, we want to make sure it's the best, without the unknowns that come along with chemical inputs.

never fined or filtered.

Fining and filtering can remove the good stuff that gives wine complexity and texture. That's why we don't filter or use fining agents. 

low or no sulfites.

While sulfur can be an important part of age-worthy still wines, large amounts are not needed in the production of pét-nats.  All our wines contain minimal or naturally occurring sulfites.

always changing.

Experimentation is what we do best. Our lineup is different every year, growing with new varieties, styles, and techniques. 

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pét project is available for purchase at both of Foundry Vineyards' tasting rooms.

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