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Sip Magazine

Bring the Bubbles

aug 2021

"Aromas of
zesty lemon, honeysuckle, & dried apricot invite sippers to dive in nose first to the soft bubbles, mild acid, and kumquat-meets
-limestone flavors."

Wine Enthusiast

Pop, Fizz, Clink: 8 Top-Rated Pét-Nat Sparklers

dec 2020

"90 points- This is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Pear and strawberry aromas lead to a palate full of apple flavors and crisp acidity that ups the interest."

Wine Enthusiast

Fizzy and Fun: Six American Pét-Nats

jun 2021

"This is a rare-for-the-state organic sparkling wine of an increasingly seldom seen variety. It was fermented with native yeast, and the aromas bring plenty of appeal, with notes of lemon, cut apple, apple skin and brioche. Bone-dry, quite austere citrus flavors follow. Acidity hounds, this one is for you. "

Seattle Times

What goes with the holidays this strange year? Try these celebratory wine selections for your special meals.

nov 2020

" It requires a bit of witchcraft to dial in sparkling wine using the ancestral method. Jay Anderson does it in Walla Walla with a sense of tropicality and without leaving a mess. Enjoy with popcorn topped by a dash or two of truffle salt."

Seattle Met

4 Sparkling Washington Wines for the Holidays

dec 2020

"field blends come from grapes picked in the same place, at the same time, and fermented together—a rarity in Washington. This field blend has pear and strawberry on the Nose and apple flavors with mouthwatering tartness on the palate."

Washington Tasting Room Magazine

2019-2020: Tasting Room Magazine’s “The Year in Wine”

jan 2020

"Pét-Nat are sparkling wines in vogue among a small yet experimental faction of winemakers. With Washington winemakers loving to experiment, expect more of these sparklers to make their way to the shelves."


photography: Brooke Fitts