2018 roussanne

Vineyard: Conley
AVA: Columbia Valley
Varietal: Roussanne
Farming Practices: Certified Organic
Soil: Loess, wind blown silt and fine sand of basalt and granite
Harvest method: by hand
Alcohol: 12.5%
Yeast: Indigenous
Sulfur: none
Filter: none
Fining: none
Aromatics: Fresh flowers
Palate: Ripe pear, cardamom spice, roasted cashews, sourdough

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“You’d think that conventional farmers using potentially harmful chemicals and additives would be the ones who should be tracking their inputs, not organic farmers. In the time we’re in right now, it’s still kind of backwards”


2018 roussanne

Our Roussanne pét-nat is quickly becoming a classic. Similar in flavor profile to a méthode Champenoise, you can't go wrong with a bottle of this vintage.

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