apr 2020

Made from a byproduct of winemaking that typically goes in the compost pile, piquettes are a simple and delicious wine-like beverage that gives grapes a second life.

A piquette is a wine-like beverage made from already-pressed grapes. The pressed grapes are rehydrated with water, pressed again and then the liquid is fermented in the same way a wine is fermented. As with the rest of our petillant-naturels, we use a native fermentation (meaning no cultured lab yeast, just the naturally occuring good stuff). We choose to bottle our piquettes in a similar way that we bottle pet-nats, to make them lightly sparkling. The resulting alcohol level is between 4-9% abv as compared to our pét-nats which are typically between 8-11% abv.

Piquettes have a long history, often told without giving them the spotlight they deserve. Made from the scraps of any-and-all grapes, piquettes were made en masse and consumed by field workers. Because they were made from whatever was available, piquettes are wildly diverse, with no consistent varietal or blend associated with the technique. Almost every European winemaking area has a version of a piquette. Though geographically they differ slightly, one thing is consistent - piquettes have not been considered a traditional wine. ​

"like a naturally fermented wine spritzer, piquettes are the epitome of easy drinking"

When I first heard about the process I thought it sounded like a great thing to try- less costly to make and there is an element of recycling a used product for another purpose that I enjoy. Fitting perfectly into our line-up of wines that use natural techniques and prioritize simplicity, we are so excited to introduce a piquette to our portfolio, and eagerly await the piquettes yet to come.

Reminiscent of a sour beer or a wine spritzer, piquettes are a favorite of wine, beer, and "grown-up soda" drinkers alike. They are drinkable beyond belief, and because of their low cost of production, a great price point. The perfect refreshing drink to enjoy on the patio as we watch the days grows warmer.

Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2019
Vineyard: Acadia
AVA: Columbia Gorge
Farming Practices: USDA Certified Organic
Alcohol: 8.5%
Yeast: Indigenous
Sulfur: none
Filter: none
Fining: none
Skin Contact: 2 days on pressed skins
Aromatics: cranberry
Palate: pomegranate, cranberry, lime
mL: 375
Cases produced: 75

natural, winemaking